Our Goal Is To Keep Them Strong, Secure and Safe

Our Goal Is To Keep Them Strong, Secure and Safe





Let’s End Homelessness, Together.

Support the Journey From Chaos to Stability.
Support the Journey From Poverty to Self-Sufficiency.
Support the Journey From Hopelessness to Happiness.

We are the largest organization dedicated to serving the most under-served and vulnerable population in Greater New Orleans: homeless women and children.

We are on a mission to enable women and their children to transition from a life of homelessness and poverty to one of stability and self-sufficiency.
We provide for families from diverse backgrounds, including women over the age of 18 who are accompanied by children under the age of 18 and women in all stages of their pregnancy. Many of our clients are homeless for the first time in their lives — scared, uncertain, and highly exploitable. We keep them safe and secure, with programs that keep their families together and provide tools as they do the hard work to achieve ongoing stability and success.

Help us empower them and change the face of our community. Learn about our programs and services or help us by donating today.


So much is happening at the shelter. Check out  recent coverage of our families’ work and successes. Click here>>>


Every dollar you donate to the New Orleans Women and Children’s Shelter helps to shelter, feed, equip and empower homeless families to move forward into stable, independent lives. Please donate today! GIVE NOW.


“My two girls and I are very grateful and thankful for our room. We’re safe, comfortable, and most of all, together.”
–A. Hill