$5,000+ Supporters

AT&T Louisiana
Barrasso, Usdin, Kupperman, Freeman & Sarver
The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation
Capital One Bank
The Denault Family Fund
The Envie Initiative
Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Franco
Goldring Family Foundation
GPOA Foundation
Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company
Gustaf W. McIlhenny Family Foundation
Daniel R. Heist
Institute of Mental Hygiene
Scott Jacobs and Leslie Jacobs
The Joe W. & Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation
The Kirkley Family Charitable Fund
La Societe Des Dames Hospitalieres Donor Advised Fund
LMW Fund


Ashley Longshore
Lovell Wealth Management of Raymond James
Mary E. Peters and Robert W. Polchow Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alden J McDonald Jr.
McDonough Marine Service
The Nathan M. Ohrbach Foundation
Redmellon, LLC
Robert E. Zetzmann Family Foundation
RosaMary Foundation
The Stephen and Sandy Rosenthal Fund for COVID Relief
Nita-Joan Sams
David** and Lisa Schlakman
Dan** and Jackie** Silverman
Jackie and Dan Silverman Family Fund
St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church
The Strategier Foundation Fund
Sunshine Lady Foundation
Whitman Family Foundation
Woldenberg Foundation
Kathy and Robert Zetzmann Jr.

Our Donors, Our Friends

We cannot help families without you! Thank you to the many foundations, organizations and individuals supporters who have, with their gifts, walked alongside our families on the journey towards stability. Their investment in another family’s future is a sound and compassionate investment and we deeply appreciate their vote of confidence in our mission.

Despite our very best efforts, there may be an error in our listing. If you would like to have your name updated, please call our Director of Development, Michelle M. Wales, at 504-522-9340 or email her directly: mwales@nowcs.org.



$4,999 to $1,000 Supporters

Sarah Ahmad
Avexon LLC
Baptist Community Ministries
JB Charitable Fund
Felicia Bashinski
The Robert Henry Boh and Katherine Sandoz Boh Foundation
Kimee Boudreaux
Celeste Boyd-Spear
Brinson Family Charitable Fund
Marcus Campbell
Jeanie and Peter Coleman
William Daigle
Kate deKay
Megan Edelstein
Executive Women International New Orleans Chapter
Father Harold Vieages Charitable Fund
Danah and Paul Fisher
Dale R. Fleishmann
Allison Freeman
Kimberly George
Gervis Fund
Sharon Gilliam
Jane Goldring
Rahlyn Gossen
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
GNOF Disaster Response & Restoration Fund for COVID 19
Brick Green
Janine Guzzo and Stephen Stryjewski
Renee Hanson
Steve and The Honorable Karen Herman
James Henderson Properties
The Honorable Paulette Irons and Mr. Alvin Irons
Jennifer King
Colleen and Allen Kirkley
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lapeyre Jr.
Landay Gabriel and Charles Lee
Rhiannon Lind
Glen Liuzza
Shauna Lovorn-Marriage
Sheldon Lykes
The McCance Foundation
McEnery Residential
Merrill Lynch
Metairie Bank
Carlos and Allison Muniz
OnPath Federal Credit Union
Holley Pavy/John M. Deblois Foundation
Jo Pease and Timothy English
Jill and Lee Plotkin Family Fund
Raines Family Fund
Raymond James and Associates
Debbie & Rick Rees
Mr. and Mrs. H. Britton Sanderford Jr.
Mrs. Natalie Silverstein
Julia Streit
Chelsea Sun
TPM Services LLC
Valley of the Sun United Way
Vanguard Charitable
Westbank Rotary Foundation



$999 to $1 Supporters

Olivia Abadie
The Adair Street Foundation
Naomi Adler
Diane K. Africk MD
Heather Albano
Angelle Albright
Raley Alford
Evan Marie Allison
Allstate Giving Campaign
Mrs. Denise Anderson
Kate Andrus MPH
Deiondra L. Anthony
John R. Argote
Elise Armand
Scott Armand
Erin Arnold
Christine Arnoult
Ada Arzu
Jami Attenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Autenreith
Molly and Paul Babineaux
Michelle Baker
Carolyn M. Baker
Lindsey Baker
Sara Bandurian
Dolores N. Banks
Kelly Barbier
Dianne Barker
Jeanne Barnard
Renee and Ian Barras
Nick J. Barrie
Kevin Barry
Erica Broussard Bart MD and Kevin Bart
Monika Baudoin
Carrie Beal
Laura Beauchamp
Babette Beaullieu
The Beek Family
Caryn Bell
Jamie Berger
Allan Berger Gift Fund
Andrew Bernard
Gekita Bernard
Best Buy Employee Giving Program
Jennifer Bilbe
Amanda F. Messer M.D.
Bentley Boldt
Sara Bonar
Kimberly Bonaventure
Emily Bonenfant
Sr. Clarita Bourque
Dr. Jennifer N. Braaten
Sara C. Bradford
Dawn Bradley-Fletcher
Deidre Braneon
Tia Braud
Christine Briede CFRE
Nora Brooks
Sofie Brooks
Krystal Broussard
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Brown III
K. G. Brown
Judith A. Brown
Mia Burlet
Caitlin Burlett
Corey M. Burns
Cortney Busch
Alexis A. Butler
Erin Butler
Lisa Caire
Megan Caliup
Janet Canzoneri
Daniela Capistrano
Christopher Caplinger
Tamra Carboni
The Carman Giving Fund
Laura Junge Carman and Allen S. Carman, Jr.
Daniel J. Carr
Fern and Brian Carr
Christina Carr
Margaret Carriere
Jessica Carriere
Mary Carter
Kristie Carubba
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall H Carver VI
Robin Castle
Tiffany Cazabon
Katherine Cecil
F. Iris Celebi-Aiken CRNA
Claudia and Larry G. Celestand
The Chadwick Family Fund
Gail Chalew
Rebecca Chapman
Lauren Charles
Makisha Cheeks EdD
Debra Chetta
Tim Christiansen
Joseph Cipollone
Carly Ciru
Vera and Euris Clark
Qiana Clark-Person
Drs. Joy Cohen & Michael C. Grieb
Sidney Coleman
Nicole Siegel and Josh Collen
Amy Boyle Collins
Congregation Gates of Prayer
Katy Corbus
Javier R. Coronado MD
Coughlin Saunders Foundation
Leigh Cousins
Gail Cowling
Sally-Ann R. Craft
Melanie F. Craig
Debra Craine
Jennifer and John S. Creevy
Cresent City Connections
Chanel Cruz
Carole Curtis
Keshia D. McKnight
Albert and Pearl Daube Donor Advised Fund #1
Angela Davis-Collins
Rachel Dawson
Elizabeth de Calderón
Margaret and Brent Smith
W. Keith deJong D.D.S
Paul J. Delahoussaye M.D.
Marseah and Drew Delatte
Cindy and Avrom Denn
Alexandra Denys
Alexander DeRojas
Designalatte Monograms
Serena Devito
Laura Devitt
Joshua Diaz
Brian Diggs
Aran Donovan
Jean and Doug Drufner
DSA Perfusion LLC
Gilda Duplessis
Jill Dupre
Logan Durand
Kesana Durand
Bonnie Dye and Matthew W. Bernstein
Cecilia Dye
Paulette and Bill Eastin
Sara Echaniz and Dr. Peter C. Krause
Mrs. Hayden Elizabeth Gunn Eustis
Lillian E. Eyrich
Jessica Faber
Celeste Faia
Van C. Falgout
Lloyd Falgout III
Jonathan Fast
Rebecca Faucheaux
Shawne Favre and the “Porch Krewe”
Maia Feinman-Welcher
Emily Ferretti
Madelyn Fireman
Katawan Fletcher
Alyssa Fletchinger
Susan Flinn
Jennifer E. Flinn
Craig Flynn
Gwendolyn and Danny K. Ford
Benjamin L. Fox
Lizy Freudmann
Rebecca Friedman
Allison Gallaspy and Michael Domangue
Rosemary Galli
Betsie Gambel
Gurvinder Gandhi
Annie Garic
Bobby Garon and Robin Levy
Paige Gauthier
Vadim and Michele Gelman
Deena Gerber
David Ginger
Susan Glade MD
Lauren Godshall
Betsy and David Becker
Melissa Goldin Evans
Jullien Gordon
Grace Lutheran Infant & Child Care
Gary Graham
Brick Green
Aaron Greenbaum
Judith A. Griffin
Carrie and Scott Grinnell
Bantu Gross Ph.D.
Christie Guillory
Paige Guillory
Gulf Point Advisors
Shruti Gupta
Celeste Gutierrez
Sara Habetz
Jessica Hack
Casey M. Haeg
Charles A. Hagebusch
Lisa Hakim
Annie Hall-Lea
David Hand
Maurice and Harriet Handelman Donor Advised Fund
Courtney Hardwick
Jessica Harris
Christopher Harter
Endya Hash
John L. Haspel and Amy Gainsburgh-Haspel
Karissa Haugeberg Ph.D.
Laurel Hausler
Hon. Ellen M. Hazeur
Blake Hebert
Ashley L. Hebert
Kaitlyn Heckel
Sandy and Edward Heller Donor Advised Fund
Stephanie Hemel
Susan and Bill Hess
Patricia R. Hightower
Ann Hijuelos
Samantha F. Hill CPA
Camilla F. Hill
Abram Himelstein
Amanda and Robert Hoerner
Bryen Hoffmann
Aritha Holiday
Kimberly Hollard
Kevin Hollingsworth
Diana Holmes
Holly Hopkins
Virginia and Nathan P. Horner Jr.
James Horton
Meredith Hotard
Chountelle Hudson
Gaynell Hunt
Bruce Ingber
Tilly Isaacson
Bill Ives
Rhonda M. Jackson LMSW
Mimi Jalenak
Cynthia James
Alessandra Jerolleman PhD, MPA, CFM
Alessandra Jerolleman
Beverly G. Jimenez
Christine Johnson
Sheila Johnson
Viola Johnson
Olga Jones
Nicole Jones
Michele Collins Jones
Jody Joyner
JP Morgan Chase Good Works Workplace Giving Program
Stephen Kearny
Dr. and Mrs. Ramakant Kedia
John A. & Catherine N. Keegan
Tim Kelly
Dianne Kelly
Sara and David Kelso
Kimberly Kemp
Wafa Khaled
Charmagne Kightlinger
Tracy Kilpatrick
Taylor Kincaid
Bonnie King
Miriam Kirschner
Scott Kisner
Lisa Kittredge
George Klein
Marilyn and Joseph Kline
Madeline and Nick Koerner
Quyen Kraemer NP
Fern Kruger
Eva Kruger
Samantha Kuhn
Ruth and Lawrence S. Kullman
Linda LaFleurHughes
Joe Lahatte
William Laine
Laura Lamartina LPC-S
Janet and Charles Landry Jr.
Leslie Langhetee
Dawn and Brian Lapeyrolerie
Julee LaPorte
Charlene Larche-Mason
Erin Latuso
James LeBlanc
Gay LeBreton and James P. Farwell
Amelie LeBreton
The Leder-Esty Giving Fund
Gloria R. Leder
Nafeesah Lee
Eric Leikam
Susan and Gerald Levin
Danielle and Vanessa Levine
Robin Levy and Bobby Garon
Myra Lewis
Alyssa Lindrose
Blaine Lindsey
Rabbi Robert Loewy and Mrs. Lynn Loewy
Carol and Joseph Loewy
Anne Longman
Rachel Lorio
Molly Loubiere
LSUHSC NOWCS Outreach Program
Lydia Wheaton Lynn
Robert MacLean DVM
Samia Madwar
Gregory Maheras
Kathy Manchester
Elaine Maney
Sr. Julie Marsh
Susan Martin
Christina Mavros
Jamie Maxwell
Gillian Mays
Faydra McKay
Skye McLeod
Kerrie A. McNeal
Egle D. Menes
Marissa Mesko
Kristin Milano
Ava Millstone
Whitney Mims
Cynthia and David C. Mirsky
Heather Mitch
Anne Mitchell DACM
Mrs. Michelle McClain Mitra
Heidi Molbak
Aimee Moll
Christa Montgomery
Kim E. Moore
Joseph Moore
Donna Brooks Moore
Rachel Morris
Leann and Ted Moses
Mount Carmel Baptist Church
Lisa Musso
Kirstie Myvett
Lauren Narcisse
Allyson W. Neal
Mary Nehls
Chelsea Nelson
New Zion Baptist Church Women’s Department
Lelia Gowland and T. Cole Newton
Tai A. Nguyen MD
Tina Nguyen
John Nuttli
Davina and William Oakland III
Zia Oatley
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Ochs
Office Link LC
Barbara and Emery Olcott
Deborah Oliveira
The Fields Family Fund
Joan Oppenheim
Wilfredo Ortiz
Wanda Oshello
Party Express LLC
Lisa Paterson
Miss Harshita Pattam
Laura Patterson and Raleigh Hoke
Danielle Patterson
Nonya Payton-West
Donna Perkins
Margaret Perrien
Ethan Perrodin
Sophie Peters
Mary Ellen Phelan
Kheri Phillip
Jacquelyn Pierre
Elizabeth Pinney
J. Brian Pitre
Mary Beth Plauche
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Allan Podell
Sue and E. Fred Preis Jr.
Olivia Pritchard
Henry Provosty
Ann Quin
Jenna Quinn
Jane C. Raiford
Heidi and Daniel L. Raines MD
L’Oreal Ranson
Leah Read
Kendra and Christopher Reade
Estelle Reiner
Michelle Reinhardt
Casey Renka
Rho Chi Chapter Chi Eta Phi Sorority
Linda R. Richard
Patty and Philip Riddlebarger
Cindy and Terrence Riedl
Samantha Roach
Rebecca Robb
Amelia Robert
Remi Robinson
Charles Rogers
Adrienne Rosado
Sherry Rosato
Kelly Rose
Anna and P.J. Rosenberg
Ava Rosenberg
Emily Ross
Yvette Rothaermel
Judi and John Russell
Stephen and Donna Russo Giving Fund
Elizabeth Sabrio
Saint Joseph Convent
Kara Samuels
Todd M. Sanderson MD
Lisa Dabello Saragusa
Hope Sartorio
Casimier Scandurro
Robert Schaff III
Joseph M. Scholl
Kathryn Schroeder and Jeffery Silverman
Catherine Sckerl
Michele and Douglas Seal
Jean Sears
Stephanie Seasly MD
Ramona Seemann
Lindsey Segal
Stacy Seicshnaydre Esq.
The Aaron or Peggy Selber Foundation Inc.
Erica P. Sensenbrenner
Irene Shamas
Mark Shapiro
Emily and Alon Shaya
Laura Sheffield
Barry Sheingold
Elizabeth Shelton
Myrna Shelton
Laura Shiflett
Hon . Sally Shushan
Jackie Silverman
Kathryn Schroeder and Jeffery Silverman
Jonathan and Natalie Silverstein Charitable Fund
Yolanda Simmons
Claire Sirois
Naomi E. Smith
Tiana D. Smith
Grayce Smith
Justin Smith
Renee Sobel
Theresa Sokol
Sólo Espresso
Margaret and Bruce Soltis Family Fund
Kelly Spear MBA
Sr. Mary Lou Specha
James St. Juniors Sr.
Carol and Pierce Starr
David Steele
Melissa Stein & Friends
Glynda Stennett
Alice Stephens
Betty B. Stewart
Margie Stewart
Jayne Stillman LMSW
Rosemary Straney-Kjellquist
Erin Strenio
Johnathan C. Stroud
Nicole Sturgill
Stephanie Swift
T. Evans Enterprises LLC
Rachel and Aaron Taravella
Dorothy Taylor
Chenier Taylor
Natalie J. Taylor
Rae Taylor PhD
Paula Taylor and Jean Thomeczek
Reginald Taylor
Cherie Taylor
Donna and Patrick A. Tesson Sr.
Textron Systems
Ashley Thiedke
Adele Thomas
Joyce and Dave Thomas
Brent Toca
Eileen Tomczuk
Pastor Kenneth Toney
Erica Toriello
Mark Townsend
Michael J. Trainor
Terri Troncale
Maggie and Amer Tufail
Melissa Tyler
Rachel Union LCSW
United Way of Southeast Louisiana
UnitedHealth Group
Neti Vaandrager
M. Medley Vandergriff
Donna Vitter
Heidi Vizelberg
Kristin Vocke
Yvette M. Voelker
Beverly and Lester Wainer Donor Advised Fund #2
Brooke Walker
Conor Wall
Jennifer and Doug Walner
Robert Ward
Martie and Art Waterman
Jan Weiner
John Weldon
Matthew Welker
Miriam E. West
Nathan Wexler
Ashanti White
Kalia Whitehead, Family and Friends
Catherine Whitney
Anne Williams
Tianay Williams
Alfred Williams
Taheera Williams
Anna Wilson
Rosalind C. Wingerter
Carol B. Wise Donor Advised Fund
Kimberly Withum
Teresa Wolke
Judith Woods
Heather Wright
Vani Yadla
Amy Yildizli
Sophie Zaken
Annette and Chuck Zapf
Matthew Zarba
Sylvie Zoller
Jennifer Zurik



Recurring Donors

The following donors have made a significant investment in our mission each month or quarter last year or for the last 5 consecutive years. You can join this list of donors with a small monthly donation or by donating your spare change.

John R. Argote
Dolores N. Banks
Rachel Bergman
Dawn Bradley-Fletcher
Elizabeth and Steve Brinson
Judith A. Brown
Corey M. Burns
Daniela Capistrano
Carter’s and Delivering Good
Makisha Cheeks EdD
Congregation Gates of Prayer
Jacques Courseault M.D.
Susan and David Daube
W. Keith deJong D.D.S
Joshua Diaz
Ms. Dorothy Douglas
DSA Perfusion LLC
Jennifer Endsley PHR
Rebecca Faucheaux
Dale R. Fleishmann
Deena Gerber
Greater New Orleans Foundation
Brick Green
Gustaf W. McIlhenny Family Foundation
Aritha Holiday
Kevin Hollingsworth
The Honorable Paulette Irons and Mr. Alvin Irons
Leslie and Scott Jacobs
Alessandra Jerolleman PhD, MPA, CFM
Jewish Endowment Foundation of Louisiana
Colleen and Allen Kirkley
Quyen Kraemer NP
La Societe Des Dames Hospitalieres Donor Advised Fund
Janet and Charles Landry Jr.
Leidenheimer Baking Co.
Rabbi Robert Loewy and Mrs. Lynn Loewy
Sheldon Lykes
Mary E. Peters and Robert W. Polchow Foundation
Heidi Molbak
Aimee Moll
Carlos and Allison Muniz
New Zion Baptist Church Women’s Department
Mary Beth Plauche
Redmellon, LLC
Debbie & Rick Rees
Robert E. Zetzmann Family Foundation
Kimberly Rivers Roberts
Charles Rogers
Todd M. Sanderson MD
David and Lisa Schlakman
Kathryn Schroeder
Dan and Jackie Silverman
Theresa Sokol
Johnathan C. Stroud
Chelsea Sun
Ohoyo Taylor
The Adair Street Foundation
The Joe W. & Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation
David J. Thomas Jr. and Joyce W. Kisner
Willie Thomas Jr.
Drs. Judith and Arthur Topilow
Patricia Walters
Terry J Watt PhD
Fern Watters



In-Kind Donors

The following donors have donated shelter supplies, food, school supplies, holiday gifts, career clothing, auction items and more, to help Shelter families break the cycle of homelessness in their lives. The goods and services they give ease the burden on our budget to provide whatever a family may need on their journey to stability!

2 Da Max Records
Abode Home Store
Acme Oyster House
Adele Cassidy Abboud
Alejandra Deltoro
Alex Fuhrer
Alicia Ann Wheeler
Allison Kathryn Boucvalt Froeba
Allyson Marcum Curry
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc- Rho Pi Omega Chapter
Alpha Lambda Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity
Adnan Al Rashed
Alvin Moore
Amanda Decker Delong
Amanda T. Kaiser
Amazon Cares Program
Amber Nicole Coci
Ambyrshae Jarrell
Amélie Munro Brown Guthrie
American Red Cross of Louisiana
Amie M. Moore Ortiz
Amy E. Dalton
Amy Hernandez Redmond
Ana Laura Caputto Kurt
Anastasia Fustii
Andrea Marie Hysaw
Angele LaFleur
Anna Hernandez
Lovie Faira Lewis Rodgers
Anonymous Unknown
AP Tureaud Inn of Court
April Cupit Anderson
April L. Avnayim
Arden Olivier Whitehurst
Ariana Mehrabani
Arin’s Nesting Place
Art’ique Shoppe
Ashley Guidry Escher
SA LONGSHORE LLC dba Ashley Longshore Art
Ashley Nicole Ludowissi Lownik
Aucoin Hart Jewelers
Audubon Charter School
Aunt Sally’s Praline Shops, Inc.
Avexon LLC
Bar Frances
Barbara Marhafer
Belle Chasse Toys for Tots
Berean Presbyterian Church
Bernadette Terrell
Elizabeth D. Tierney
Beverly Aloisio DeLaune
Bianca Gloria Deirish Boone
Bicycle Baddies
Blue Helping Hands
Bobbie L. Cochran Bailey
Body Shoppe
Boe Morgan Piras
Bonnie Elise Dye
Bra Genie
Brandy Marie Alexis
Brandy Jones Pellegrin
Saucier Cuisine
Brook Allyn Bissinger
Calvin Bass
Canal HR
Capital One Bank
Cardz for Kidz!
Carlie Miller
Jo Allison Coleman Muniz
Carol Lee Skriloff Starr
Carol Casey Cancienne
Carol Ramm Gramenz
Carolyn M. Scofield
Carter’s and Delivering Good
Casey Martin Haeg
Cecelia and Camille Raines
James Stanley Betts
Chelscie Irby
Chelsea Moosekian
Chelsea Nicholas
Cherie Anne Gauthier
Chime Productions
Chip Off The Old Block LLC
Christie Guillory
Christina Spann
Christine Soto Dufrene
Christy Renee Bergeron
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
Claudette Mitch Magee
Commander’s Palace
Congregation Gates of Prayer
Constance Eileen Blair
Corey’s Salon, Spa & Gifts
Cortney Dawn Busch
Courington, Kiefer & Sommers, Marullo and Matherne L.L.C.
Courtney Simmons
Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts
Danielle Louise Shoemake
Danisha Catrice McKinsey
Dawn Boudoin Olasin
Eric Frederick Skrmetta
Debbie Cerise
Denise Diane Dunnigan
Designalatte Monograms
Diane Reed
Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery
Donna Lynette Sullen Borden
Urmila B. Shantiprakash Kedia
Draperies by Leila
Joy Esther Cohen M.D.
Taniya Nayantara De Silva M.D.
Eagle’s Wings Ministries
Emily Griffin
Emily Pleiman Janjanin
Xavier English Department / English Club
Estelle School
Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Omicron Chapter
Eugene M. Terk
Eve Abrams
Federal Bar Association (FBA) New Orleans Chapter Younger Lawyer’s Division
Feet First and More LLC
Filiz Mersiye Weller Buecher
First West Baptist Church
Food Rescue US
Fore!Kids Foundation (Zurich Classic)
Franciene H. Simmons
Franklin Publication LLC
The Gap Factory (Gap Outlet – Collection at The Riverwalk)
Genevieve Julia Douglass
Gerald J. Wallace III
Giselle A. Monteiro
Glory’s Corner Ministries
Grace Lutheran Infant & Child Care
Greenup Industries
Westin New Orleans
Gwen Margaret Freeze
H2O Salon & Spa
Hadeel Hammad
Heather Elizabeth Designs Inc.
Heidi Kaye Redmond Raines
Helen D. Stewart
Larry Williams
High Voltage, Inc.
Historic Haven Trinity United Methodist Church
Home Malone
Bernadette G. D’Souza
Nanette Jolivette Brown
Hope Elizabeth Hughes
Hotel Hope
House of Blues
House of Esther Outreach Ministry
The Howlin’ Wolf New Orleans
Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore
Isha Katrine Matta
Isidore Newman School
Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated New Orleans Chapter
Jacquelyn Christy Pierre-Nabonne
Jan Lagomarsino-Brummett
Jasmine Nicole Perkins
Jaxson’s Time Machine LLC
Jay Gutierrez
Jéda G. McGlothan
Jenna Lynn Perritt
Jenna Wray
Jennie Bodenstein
Jennifer Bittinger
Jenny May Woods
Jerome Michael Butler
Jerri Lynn Young
Glynis Jessica Smith
Jill P. Dupre
Johnathan Christian Stroud
Jonae White Oldham
Jonathan Marchman Gibbs
Joseph Douglas Ligier
Joshua Dudley Greer Photography
Joshua Generation
Judy Dominick
Julie A. Stallings
Clarence Variste
Juliette V. Jampolsky
Juwanda G. Ford
Kandi Lynn Bazile Patterson
Katherine Jackson
Katherine Ramos Antonmattei
Kathleen M. McIntyre
Kathleen St. Martin
Kathy Milano Mayfield
Travis Stutson
Kayla Foster Gilberti
Keely A. Romano
Kelley Hill M.D.
Kelly Rednour
Kendall Baldwin
Kenneth’s Studio for Hair
Kevin Murphy
Kim Grillot Currault
Kim Elizabeth Moore
Kim Dianne Wiley
Kimberly Rayshaw Rivers Roberts
Kiwanis Club Of Pontchartrain
Knights of Columbus – Ascension of Our Lord Church
Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary – Court 52
KPC and Modern Woodmen
Krishna Laprale Jackson
Kristin Caitlin Monaccio
Kristin U. Alvey Vocke
Lakeside Photoworks
Latter & Blum Realtors
Laura Clouate
Lauren Kelly Oglesbee Hodgins
Le Petit Theatre
Lee Rand
Leidenheimer Baking Co.
Lesley A. Simpson Melancon
Leslie Cornay Aguilar
Let’s Live Radio
Lilah Ancira
Linda Susan Collins
Linda M. Blowney
Lindsey Hortenstine
Liv Augusta Anderson
Lo Mane Gang LLC
Logan Post Luke Ritter
Longue Vue House and Gardens
Lori Castano
Lorri Hunter
Loyola University (LOYNO)
LSU Health Sciences Center School of Public Health
LSUHSC NOWCS Outreach Program
LSUHSC School of Dentistry
Lynne Marie Thomson
John William Randolph Payne
Amer Tufail
Makenzie Leigh Hill
Marguerite Catherine Hardy
Maria A. Kireeva
Maria Plotkina
Marine & Mt. Moriah Community Church
Mariposa Salon
Marjie’s Grill
Marjorie M. Pokorny
Marquis Crowell
Martin I. Fitzgerald
Mary Beth Plauche
Mathew Kennedy
Maura Touhey
MedSupplyDrive NOLA
Meghan Autin
Meghan Elisabeth Spector
Mejda Zabad
Melanie Greene
Melissa Dawn Buchanan
Melissa L. Milano Mayne
Melissa Anne Stein
Melissa Tyler
Melissa Vandiver Art
Mia Elise “Mia X” Young
Micah Jubal Smith
Michael Rex Pfleegor Sr.
Michele Stewart
Mildred Harris Patin
Miriam Cross-Cole
Molly Michelle Marino Cvitanovich
MPulse Studio
Robert Ledet
Alexa Jones-Guss
Jeanette Rose Weiland
Julie Rosbeck
Martine Chaisson Linares
Micheline Avegno VanDenburgh
Mullin Landscape
Murphy Insurance
Nakia Battiste
Nancy Torrey Fourrier
Natalia Font
Natalie O. Postolita Silverstein
Natural Nails Spa & Tanning
New Hope Baptist Church
New Orleans Ballet Association / NOBA
New Orleans Business & Professional Women’s Club (NOBPW)
New Orleans Psychic Medium Cari Roy
New Orleans School of Cooking
Nicole Williamson
Nita-Joan Glade Sams
Noelie Susan Alito
NOLA Aikido
Nola Bliss Massage
NOLA Public Schools
New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) 6th District
Nikki Micaela Hunter Greenaway
Odeal Ard Thomas
One Hope Church
Ozanam Inn
Pad Boys For Life
Pamela Parker-Coleman
Patricia Romeaus Blazio
Patrick Gaetjens
Paul J. Delahoussaye M.D.
Paul R. Valteau Jr. Attorney at Law
Margaret Campiere
Pelican Pointe Carwash
Pepperoni’s Cafe
Philip M. Garrison Jr.
Pinera Investments
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Pole Perfect Fitness
Prince Hall Masonic Temple – N.O. Assembly District #1
Professional Funeral Services
Queen D. Tax Pro
Robert Harold Loewy
Marcus Shawn Cox
Rebecca L. Jeanfreau
Rebecca Ringle Kamarei
Rebekah Teesdale
Rita L. Orazi
Ritz-Carlton New Orleans
River Parishes Truck Stop & Casino
RosaMary Foundation
Rotary District #6840/ Bayou Territory
Royal Sonesta New Orleans
RUBARB Community Bike Shop
Suzanne Michelle Fourrier
Sanova Dermatology
Sarah Montz Harcus
Scott Martin Teesdale
Seasons Center / Cultural Ties Dance Festival
Shalini Patel
She Loves
Sherri Carter
Sideline Pass, Inc.
Sidney Elizabeth Bennett
Simran Gandhi
Sisters & Brothers Keepers for Life LLC
Slidell Hurricanes
Sophie Peters
Southern Rep Theatre
Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO)
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
St. Angela Ladies Auxiliary (SALA)
St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church
Stacy Terry
Stephanie Rees Hebeisen
Stephanie R. Scholl
The Sunshine Lady Foundation Inc.
Supaluk Palmy Thongtachi Faulkner
Suzanne Brothers
Marcia Suzanne Montero
Suzanne Breaux Shelton
Swannee Renay Bruner Rivers
Sylvie Zoller
Tammara Thomas
Tammy Eileen Deis
Tara Lee Tebbe
Tatayuana N. Deandrea
The Bead Shop
The Burrell Firm LLC
The Children’s Place
The Children’s Place at Elmwood Shopping Center
Andrew Otto Dinkelacker
The Girl Code Women’s Ministry
Natasha Manuel Mattappally
The Pink Plate
The Promise Church
The White House Collection
Theo E. Variste
Theta Phi Sigma Christian Sorority, Inc.
Tiffany Shanelle Johnson Sonaram
Tony R. Moore Howard
Toups’ Meatery / Toups South
Tracy L. McKay
Tricia Stella Lincoln
True Title
True Vine Baptist Church
Tulane Hospital Med-Surg Council
Twelve Mile Limit
Tyler Charli Bell
United Fellowship Full Gospel Baptist Church
Ursuline Academy Parent Club
Vanessa Letourneau
Vasser B. Howorth
Vera Bradley at Lakeside Shopping Center
Vicki A. Schmidt Couvillion
Viking Krew, Inc.
Wal-Mart Supercenter #911
Wal-Mart Supercenter #989
Whitney Hotel
Wild Lotus Yoga
Xavier University of Louisiana
Young Grannies
“Your Honor” Television Series
Yvonne LaFleur
Zuka Baby



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Many thanks to these Corporate and Foundation donors for their exceptional support last year (2019):

The Aaron or Peggy Selber Foundation Inc.
The Adair Street Foundation
AT&T Louisiana
Avexon LLC
Baptist Community Ministries
Barrasso, Usdin, Kupperman, Freeman & Sarver
The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation
Capital One Bank
Coughlin Saunders Foundation
Cresent City Connections
DSA Perfusion LLC
Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family Foundation
Father Harold Vieages Charitable Fund
Goldring Family Foundation
GPOA Foundation
Greater New Orleans Foundation
Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company
Gulf Point Advisors
Gustaf W. McIlhenny Family Foundation
Institute of Mental Hygiene
James Henderson Properties
The Joe W. & Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation
KPMG Gives c/o Bergen County’s United Way
La Societe Des Dames Hospitalieres Donor Advised Fund
Lovell Wealth Management of Raymond James
Mary E. Peters and Robert W. Polchow Foundation
The McCance Foundation
McDonough Marine Service
McEnery Residential
Merrill Lynch
Metairie Bank
The Nathan M. Ohrbach Foundation
OnPath Federal Credit Union
Raymond James and Associates
Redmellon, LLC
Robert E. Zetzmann Family Foundation
RosaMary Foundation
Sunshine Lady Foundation
Textron Systems
Valley of the Sun United Way
Westbank Rotary Foundation
Whitman Family Foundation
Woldenberg Foundation

To learn more about how you can become a Shelter supporter, please visit www.nowcs.org/support.