The Path to Success Starts Here

Stepping Stones to Self-Sufficiency

Our programs work together to strengthen every aspect of work and family life, from education and employment to parenting and planning ahead. Staff coordinate services and programs across the following area to create a foundation for success and continue to support families when they move out of the Shelter to ensure access to the programs, services and resources they need and prevent their return to homelessness.

We are committed to running these programs as efficiently as possible, so our funds and donations make the most impact possible.  

“With everything I learned at the shelter, I have opened up a savings account and have been saving for quite a while. Not to mention I have a steady flow of income and my job is going great!” – Tasha

Seeking Emergency or Transitional Housing?

The New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter provides emergency or transitional shelter for women over age 18, including women with children and pregnant women, and intact or single father-led families who are dealing with homelessness.

For information, call 504.522.9340 or email