Children’s Sheltering Fund

The move to Liberty Street in 2014 more than doubled the number of women we serve in a year but it has nearly quadrupled the number of children served. Two-thirds of the individuals we now serve are children. In 2017, we will have approximately 70 women and 140 children in residence for an average of three months.

Recognizing the needs of these vulnerable children, our Board of Directors approved implementation of a comprehensive children’s case management program for every child and an after school education and enrichment program.

Critical to our success in moving families from homelessness to independent living is the ability to house, feed, clothe and care for them in a safe and secure environment while they receive these important services. One third of our operating costs go to sheltering children. To meet these costs we have created the Children’s Sheltering Fund. All proceeds earmarked for the Fund will go to the direct costs of sheltering and nurturing these great kids until their family is prepared to move forward.

We are grateful to our 2016 Presenting Sponsor of the Children’s Sheltering Fund, the Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust. To learn more about this generous donor, please click here and visit their Facebook Page.